I just got an e-mail through the website from Ryan L. in response to the blog entry below. Evidently, since Ryan didn’t call, and gave as his e-mail address notreal@fakeaddress.com, Ryan doesn’t want to hear back from me. So I won’t reproduce the e-mail. In essence, I was told that it is OK to refer to me as a rabid dog because “I liken you to a rabid dog because from what I have heard you speak, you throw courtesy to the wind when discussing with those who don’t believe what you believe. In reading your letters to Tim Staples my opinion is more solidified.” Such can only make me sigh ever more deeply. Is there really any way of reaching someone so focused upon a double-standard based upon feelings and emotions? I don’t think so. Lord willing, someone else will be able to communicate with Ryan. Right now it seems he believes one must compromise the gospel before he or she can be “nice.” A very sad experience indeed.

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