Every now and then I get a phone call from someone wanting to find one of James’ first three books in our bookstore. These titles have been out of print since Crowne Publications closed its doors around 1993. While the technology of our world has raced forward I am not always able to keep up with it’s advances. I can only hope to eventually get around to it. Two years ago I determined to find a way to scan these titles and get them published on Kindle and bring new life to them. Well, something always seems to come up with these endeavors and the project went to the back burner. Last week I received another such phone call asking about The Fatal Flaw. I was convicted by this and started asking around in order to find a fast track to complete this project and the channel rats came through by helping me navigate the process quickly.

With all of that said, I am pleased to announce that the following titles are now again publicly available.

The Fatal Flaw

Answers to Catholic Claims

Justification by Faith


Update: Originally I was only able to publish these in the “image reprint” format. This limited me to a minimum price of $2.99 each. Since then a brother in South Africa stepped up and converted the titles to epub format which is more Kindle friendly. This should be a major improvement and are now available at $0.99. Unfortunately Amazon didn’t allow me to just upload the new format over the old so I had to create new Kindle titles for them. Mobi and epub3 formats should soon be available for Nook and other devices as well. Well, as soon as I can figure out how to set up those accounts. 😉


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