We will be starting the DL half an hour early today (pre-feed at 3pm MST, 5pm EST, program at 3:30) so I can cover the entirety of the interview just recently posted with Dr. J. Ligon Duncan on why he signed the Manhattan Declaration. I want to play as much of the interview as I can, and interact with it, hopefully to the edification of a wide variety of fellow believers. I seek to plead for a proper balance in the examination of this vital topic. While I do not believe the document, as written, should be signed by anyone who holds firmly to the centrality of the Gospel as the sole means by which we can change the hearts and minds of men and women, I likewise do not believe it is at all proper to accuse men like J. Ligon Duncan or Albert Mohler of being “ashamed of the Gospel” or otherwise seeking to subvert the gospel message. I think Dr. Duncan gave a clear explanation of why he signed it, and I will continue to disagree, but hopefully by allowing him full expression of his position (which also came about because the interviewer, Pastor Kevin Boling, did such a good job) we will be able to further delineate the issues, suppress some of the less useful criticisms coming from both sides, and really identify the central issues that should be of concern. I hope you will listen in!

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