Over the course of the next few years we will experience a tsunami of compromise and change relating to homosexuality, marriage, and a plethora of related concepts within what was formerly known as evangelicalism.  Holding to a consistently biblical and historical view of sexuality, gender and marriage will become more and more rare, and those who do so will be marginalized in the extreme.  Just look across the Atlantic at European nations such as Sweden to see the reality headed our way: the clear suppression of specifically Christian viewpoints on moral and ethical issues by official policies and agencies.  Those who do not see the intimate relationship between our ability to define sin and the proclamation of the gospel will find excuses to get around the problem, excuses already being offered by “gay Christianity” and its promoters such as Justin Lee, Matthew Vines, and scholars such as James Brownson.  The totalitarians on the left are happy with such compromisers, as they have nothing to fear from them.  But those who will not join in the movement will find themselves marginalized in all aspects of our culture.

On this edition of the Dividing Line I took the time to review key elements of Pastor Danny Cortez’s emotional explanation to his congregation regarding his “change of mind” regarding homosexuality.  There was nothing new in his comments: Brownson, Ken Wilson, and others had pronounced all these arguments before him, and with far more clarity.  But to watch a congregation split by its pastor’s “change of mind,” when we have so often examined, and found deeply wanting, the arguments he puts forward, is deeply concerning.  My hope is that by examining these arguments again we can, at the very least, fulfill our role as salt and light, and that the Lord will encourage His saints in their prophetic role.

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