Three calls on the DL today. First was our sophist, Jonathan Prejean, who actually managed to get me to hang up on him. That’s pretty hard to do, but if you want to know how, here’s how you do it: when asked simple, basic questions like, “Was the Incarnation a unique event,” respond with a lengthy pause, “uuuuhhhh,” and then rattle off a non-responsive answer; avoid answering all biblical questions with any biblical material, but always refer to your own (infallible) interpretation of later patristic writings; accuse me of heresy (Nestorianism) simply for not following you down the primrose path of “since the unity of divine and human in Christ does not mean we worship two Christs, but one Christ, that means everything the Bible says about worship can be thrown out, because the created has been joined to the divine,” even to the point of claiming that we as the redeemed in some sense “participate” in the hypostatic union; and then, when it is pointed out that you are going backwards (defining the text by your theology rather than your theology by the text), start laughing—that will earn you the instant dialtone every time. A tremendous example of the sophistry of Prejean’s form of Romanism.
   Sola Scriptura and the canon was our second call with Benjamin from Oklahoma. Benjamin helped me calm down. Thank you, Benjamin.
   Shane called. Well, Shane Coombs. For some reason, when Shane Coombs contacted me by e-mail, he did not to my recollection inform me he was the same Shane who had called into the Dividing Line and who had accused me in the past of “cheap debating tricks.” But in any case, we chatted for a while concerning the current interaction. I’m not sure his fellow Roman Catholics will appreciate some of the things he said, to be honest, but he concluded by claiming he would surely make my arguments look silly in a formal debate. I guess that means he can do what his predecessors have not, for some reason.
   We went 28 minutes long. Yes, this DL is nearly 90 minutes in length. Get some popcorn. Take some notes. Gotta admit, you don’t hear this kind of thing on most radio talk shows or webcasts.

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