Sorry, we were unable to connect to the Real Audio server today. Don’t know if the server is down, or if our utterly unreliable ISP is to blame (yes, we are changing ISPs when we move the office), but I was not in the frame of mind, after losing a good bit of sleep after surprising and scaring away a group of criminals who were trying to steal my wife’s car at 1:30am (and the resultant waiting for the police, losing time today getting the window they smashed out repaired, etc.) to do a “deadcast” (i.e., one that is simply recorded with no live interaction). With a bunch of moving issues this weekend, we really can’t think about rescheduling tomorrow or Monday, hence, Tuesday will be the next opportunity. I was all set up to review Bart Ehrman’s “if it was inspired it would not have textual variants” viewpoint (i.e., God could not give us any divine revelation until the computer age), but we will just have to wait till Tuesday for that excursion into the wild and wacky world of naturalistic materialism.
Please remember to pray for us over the course of the next months. Not only am I up to my eyeballs in written projects, debates, and the like, but the move to our new offices will be a real challenge, time wise, financially, etc. I just picked up a single box of cable for setting up our little internal network and just about fainted when the cashier rang it up! Your support is greatly appreciated.

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