So we reviewed William Lane Craig’s comments about how the prayers of football fans could influence which world God chose to actuate (even trying to figure that one out will put you in something like a causality loop that will turn your brain to mush and make you a Jerry Seinfeld fan) and then played his comments on his most recent podcast where he said, “No, no, I will not debate Calvinism against a fellow Christian.”  So those of you who hoped to hear Craig defend his position in formal debate, hear the cross-examination with equal time frames—you know, all that stuff that is so beneficial and useful (and Craig can’t argue that point, since, of course, he debates as much as I do), well, so sorry.  That debate can only take place in some other possible world that evidently could not be actuated.  Probably due to Bronco’s fans or something.  Then the phones lit up and we took calls on all sorts of topics.  In fact, one caller just kept moving from topic to topic, so we even got a few extras in for the fun of it!

Here is the YouTube link:

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  1. Madison Ruppert 10 years ago

    Does Dr. Craig ever explain why he’s wiling to do something like Unbelievable but not a formal debate? If it was a blanket policy of never publicly engaging other Christians on these issues, it would make a lot more sense. It seems to me that he may just want to avoid all that would come with a thorough cross examination.

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