Back on 10/25 I mentioned in this post a lecture titled “What the Rest of the Bible Says About Genesis.” The lecture was given by Joseph Pipa at the 2012 October meeting of the Creation Study Group held in Greenville, SC. I have heard very good things about this lecture. GPTS has decided to send a DVD to its donors. I mention this only because I believe the board of the seminary fully supports the material presented in the video and believes it is important enough to get in the hands of the public.

I posted the audio on Sermon Audio, so, if you are interested (and you should be) click here.

I would also recommend Dr. Morton Smith’s lecture from 1999 titled Theological Implications of the Doctrine of Creation. One last recommendation would be the Princeton and Evolution/Creation2012 lecture by Fred Zaspel. Dr. Zaspel had a pastoral emergency and could not present the lecture, so Dr. Pipa read his paper.

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