More Love Letters from Rome

James, you state that the vast majority of Catholics don’t believe a document you provide a link to. I am appalled. How can you make a claim that over 700 million Catholics don’t believe this? Did you interview every single one of them? How dare you write these words to justify your twisted view of the Catholic Church. How dare you use your own prejudice to make these claims? I demand you retract this statement immediately. You have crossed the line again in your attempt to bash the Church. You and your ministry are a mere shadow to those who seek the truth. How could any respectable Christian make such a claim and not understand that you will be held accountable for that claim. How disappointing this should be to all Christian everywhere. Do you not understand the hard realities of life? You cannot make false claims about the Church without retribution. You have made a mockery of what Christ has taught us about the way we should conduct our lives. Your ministry is really just a carnival and you are the barker calling to people with false statements designed to infuriate them. You and Jack Chic have more in common than I thought. You should be ashamed of yourself.

   The irony is, not only would someone like Gerry Matatics agree wholeheartedly with what I said (in the context of my post from last evening I was referring to the fact that the majority of modern Roman Catholics, especially in Western nations, have adopted a form of inclusivism, or worse, universalism), but when John Paul II came to LA back in the 80s, he likewise preached against “cafeteria style Catholicism.” If my correspondent wants to live in a fantasy world that denies the current state of Catholicism, I can’t stop him, but it is hardly my problem that I choose to see the reality when he chooses not to.