Brandan Robertson’s Continued Apostasy, Yuvul Noah Harari’s Mengelian Worldview

Reflections on Ukraine, Culture of Death Update 1984

Ed Shaw, Church Split, Provisionism

Catching Up on the March of the Secular Monster

Two Responses, More Than Two Hours

Canada’s Official Rejection of Christ’s Claims: Bill C4

When Reformed Becomes Deformed, the Fatal Flaw of Molinism Pressed

Encouraging Stories, More on Romans 13, New CV19 Studies

A Las Vegas Road Trip DL

Equipped to Engage Conference will be LIVE at 6:00pm EDT

A Multi-Faceted Program

First Road Trip Test Dividing Line: the Biden Regime against Christianity, Francis and Fr. Martin, Gregory’s Confession

Big Brother Tweets, FB Discussion, Junias, and Sola Scriptura

“White Nature,” the 1946 Lie, Jimmy Akin

The President’s Plans

A Post-Chauvin Verdict Show

Canadian Tyranny and Anthony Bradley Remote Diagnosis

Various Woke Explosions, Tim Keller, then Trent Horn

Two And A Half Hours? What?

Judas and Open Theism, Preston Sprinkle and Pronoun Hospitality

Thinking Presuppositionally, Brandan Robertson and Chris Fisher

No Place to Hide: Responding to Dwight McKissic and Others

Max Lucado’s Apology for Having Spoken the Truth, Ravi Zacharias Scandal, and Yes, Mildred, He’s a Postmillennialist

Conversion Bills, Great Reset News, Romans 13 Revisited

The Revisionist History of Homosexuality in the Bible Debunked, A Few Other Notes

Responding to JD Greear and Others, Tisby & Vischer, the Big Picture

Our First Studio Dividing Line: Romans 13, 1 Peter 2, and More

The Day After

A Bunch of Woke Stuff, then Underappreciated Incarnational Texts

Catching Up on Events

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