As the media ramps up for the “Qur’an Burning Crisis” of 9/11/10 (can you really believe this?) I simply had to make a further comment (beyond what I said on the DL yesterday). I’m against the burning of the Qur’an because it is not accompanied with any meaningful discussion of the errors of the Qur’an, let alone a positive presentation of the truth of the gospel. As such, it’s just a dumb act of violence. And the Islamic reaction that has been threatened around the world is a reprehensible blight upon Islam, proof that the phrase “the religion of perpetual outrage” is appropriate for the large majority of what calls itself Islam. But, those issues aside, I am truly sick and tired of the constant bashing of the Florida church for being small. Is that somehow relevant? Would it matter if the church had 500 members, or 5,000, or 15,000? Would that somehow add to, or detract from, the meaning of the action? The issue should be whether those engaging in the act are doing so out of hatred, ignorance, etc., not how many are part of the congregation. I have heard the relative smallness of the congregation mentioned by news outlets, commentators, you name it, and I think the absurdity of the observation should be exposed.

Meanwhile, I was reminded today of the fact that the US military had “taken into custody,” and, we are told, burned, an entire supply of Bibles that were translated into the local languages in Afghanistan. I did specifically protest that absurd act—but unlike Muslims in Indonesia and elsewhere who are threatening to kill and maim and burn and destroy, I did none of those things. I simply recognized that any government that would burn the Bible so as to attempt to pacify Muslims is unwise, and should not be asking for God’s blessing upon their actions.

Remember, folks—the Muslims who are willing to riot and rampage over the burning of a few Qur’an’s in Florida do not need any provocation to destest the “kafirs.” They are offended by our mere existence. Think about it.

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