Just a quick note: the WTBTS has come out with a new edition of the NWT, and though I have only had time to download it, I note that everyone is pointing out that they have removed the brackets from around the inserted word “other” in the great Christological text in Colossians 1. This was how they originally published the text, reducing Jesus to a created being and turning Paul’s argument on its head by saying “all other things” were created by him and for him. Such a cry was made, however, that they then put “all [other] things” in the next editions right up until this new printing. But now they have figured no one really cares anymore, so why not just go back the the really blatant and biased rendering? And so they have. I am sure some folks with a lot more time on their hands will do more snooping around in the new edition and if they come up with anything particularly relevant I will try to let folks know!

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  1. Madison Ruppert 9 years ago

    As far as I know, they haven’t changed John 12, so at least we have that. It is unfortunate that they removed the brackets, now it’ll be much more difficult to show them how the “translators” have manipulated the text of scripture at will. Will they be updating their interlinear as well?

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