So I get this e-mail today from DR saying that if I really accepted the apology for the last colorful-metaphor-filled blast from a staff member there, I’d pull it from my blog. I pointed out in response that I would, but, since I read the letter on the air, and mentioned I had posted it on my blog, its absence might create more questions. I sorta figured it was better to just let it stand, note the apology, and move on. But, if they wanted it gone, I’d pull it. Anyway, it was obvious Paul of DR had a point he wanted to make, so I invited him to make it, pointing out that I was not the first person to receive “love notes” from DR: folks have been sending me URLs to complaints about just such behavior for the past few weeks (I had no idea it had been going on so long and was so widespread). And what do I get in response? 

Something is wrong with you, James. You are heartless and lacking in grace. Rob was right:

“applied situation narcissism.”

Unlike you, we have not used our platform to tear down your ministry. You have done to us what you hated seeing done to your own father. I saw Kelli’s note. 

We no longer sell your books. Please just leave is alone and crawl back into your pharisaical Reformed Baptist hole. 

Ah, I love the smell of napalm in another DR e-mail. For those wondering, my dear wife had sent a note about the earlier flame-throwing e-mail, and mentioned that long ago, as a child, I decided to never go into the ministry because of the fact that I saw my father so badly treated by “Christians.” So, the bunker mentality is in such full force up north that you can misrepresent an author’s book, cuss him out, rip his lips off, tell him to crawl back into his Pharisaical Reformed Baptist hole, and it is all his fault too! As we say in channel, w00t! Thanks guys, I’m growing in my discernment every day…

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