Just wanted to pop up a few more pictures while I have wi-fi here in Anchorage before we try to catch our flight home late this evening. First is a little better picture of a pre-debate conversation between myself and John Dominic Crossan from last Saturday evening. Once again, let me reiterate how amiable and kind Dr. Crossan was during the debates and the entirety of the cruise. That was much appreciated.
Next, here is a picture Scott Schaeffer took that gives you a good idea of the kind of work and set up that goes into a debate, and the folks who did the lion’s share of the work. In the center is Rich Pierce; my son Josh is on the right camera, our friend Larry on the left; Mike O’Fallon is at the podium, and of course Dr. Crossan is on the left, I am on the right of the podium. You can’t see all the volunteers who helped to make things happen that night, but the two who did most of the legwork in the months beforehand, Rich and Mike, are there. To the right would be our book table, and surely Dave Gere, who didn’t get to go, but who ran most of the DVD’s and CD’s and the like, should be thanked for his work as well.
Finally, we visited Glacier Bay a few days ago, and the Lord was kind enough to lift the clouds when we got a chance to see the Johns Hopkins Glacier. I have never seen a more beautiful sight, and this time up to Glacier Bay I had my 5 megapixel camera, so I have some simply gorgeous shots now.
Lord willing and our flight is on time we will do the Dividing Line live tomorrow and I will report on the events of the past two weeks.

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