A few weeks ago I watched a video from a rap artist by the name Propaganda. The rap was critical of the Puritans, and an exhortation for those who enjoy reading and using Puritan writings. Well, Grand Master Puritan (aka. Dr. Joel Beeke), put his fingers to the keys, and responded to Propaganda with post titled Propaganda: Giving the Puritans a Bad Rap. Read it.

And after reading his post go here and purchase the new A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life by Joel Beeke and Mark Jones.

While sitting in Hebrew class (during break) this morning, Lowell Ivey, surprised, leaned forward to show me a post over at Feeding on Christ that was about him. Of course, I could not not read it in class but looked at it later. You will be bless when you make your way over here and read this brothers testimony. Lowell and I have similar backgrounds, but better yet, Christ has set both us free in so many ways! It is a privilege to know Lowell.

Speaking of Rap, here is one rap worth listening to. I tear up every time I hear it (I’m sure Lowell, and some of you would as well).

btw: Just in case you are wondering (and to make it clear), the “Grand Master” title, has nothing to do with the KKK or Masonic Lodge. In the Urban culture, it is a title given to the best rappers. In the case of Dr. Joel Beeke, he is the Grand Master of Puritan writings.

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