As most of you know, this coming weekend will be filled with opportunities to proclaim the Gospel of our glorious Jesus Christ. I will be presenting and defending the Christian view of sin and redemption Friday evening, the atoning work of Christ and the accuracy of the New Testament documents on Saturday, and the deity of our Lord Jesus on Sunday. I am working day and night to get my presentations ready (please pray for me!), and I pray that the resultant debates will be useful to the people of God all around the world and in particular the persecuted believers who suffer under Islamic oppression. Pray that the recording of the debates will go well.

Of course, only a few weeks in the future is London, more debates and preaching, and then, just a few weeks after that, Florida and the encounter with Bart Ehrman and my defense of the inspiration of the New Testament.

Truly, the next four months will be a tremendous challenge, and a tremendous blessing. In just a few weeks we will celebrate twenty five years of ministry. Alpha and Omega Ministries started in October, 1983. We have seen many come and go during those years. We have been around a while now, but we are still a small ministry in the eyes of the world. We like to think of ourselves as “lean” rather than small, content with God’s provision, not seeking the large facilities and all the attendant distractions. Yet, for such a small ministry, the opportunities before us are amazing. Truly, when two young married couples got together and started this ministry twenty five years ago we never could have dreamed of the outreach that would be accomplished. At the time, we just wanted to witness to Mormons. But the Lord had larger plans.

The irony of challenges is that in my experience, right as the pressure reaches maximum is when something else will come along that makes you realize your utter dependence upon God and your own self-limitations and incapacities. I would imagine we have been less impacted by the economic down-turn than most, simply because we do not have almost any “major” donors. Our support comes from people just like us who see the unique nature of this ministry and, after taking care of their duties to their local church, seek to help us as well. We don’t have any high-flying Wall Street folks pouring money through our mailbox. So, when those high-fliers are getting shot down, that’s not a major issue for us.

But $4 gas and $4 milk gets to everyone eventually, and so yes, we’ve felt it as well. Now unlike some, you won’t be getting six copies of the same e-mail from me seeking to scare you into giving or all your children will end up in some kind of cult group. But we have new folks coming to our website and listening to The Dividing Line all the time, and since we almost never mention support and donations, sometimes they figure we are already “set.” So let me explain that like most everyone else, we do what we do through the generosity of God’s people. I take many very unpopular stands on tough topics, so it is hard to “market” a ministry like this in a compromising, frightened evangelical context. So we stay small so we can stay truthful. But even the smallest ministry needs support. So please remember us when you are considering your role in the support of Christ’s kingdom. We are not a church, and we strongly believe that believers should support their local fellowship first before looking anywhere else. If that is all the Lord enables you to do financially, then would you please pray for us? And if, after doing what is right regarding the church, you choose to assist us in continuing our work in proclaiming and defending the Gospel, we would be deeply appreciative. We promise to use those funds to the glory of God and the furtherance of the kingdom of Christ. You can go here to help us as we move into this very challenging and exciting period of ministry and proclamation.

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