Just a quick note as it is moving toward 1am here in London. I just listened to the 2/25 edition of the Pastor’s Perspective program. A caller asked the question that I had suggested on Wednesday’s DL, specifically, how do these synergists explain the picture of regeneration found in Ezekiel 36 where God takes out the heart of stone and gives a heart of flesh? Would this not, on their system, require the heart of stone to do the right thing, repent, believe, and then, as a result of that, be replaced with a heart of flesh? So a caller asked them that question. And they (Brian Brodersen and Joe Holden) spent quite a while talking about what all Calvary Chapel leaders talk about in such situations…however, after spending quite some time, they never once touched Ezekiel 36. They did not touch the passage. They left it completely unanswered. So, maybe someone can try calling again and asking them for a specific answer to the text? I am sure the caller has already realized he did not get an answer.

I likewise heard another caller ask about 1 John 5:1 (on an earlier program). It became very clear very quickly that Brian Brodersen does not understand the point of 1 John 5:1. Sadly, the discussion left the text untouched once again. Brodersen does not seem to read Greek, or understand the syntax of the language, but he didn’t allow that to slow him down in rejecting the meaning of the text. As time allows I will provide an exegetical response to brother Brodersen, despite his informing his caller today that he tries to listen to me as little as possible.

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