On a very sad note, Adrian Rogers has died. Chemotherapy is a rather barbaric way of dealing with cancer, and while it can work, it likewise has lots of complications, in this case, double pneumonia. His website asks for prayers for the Rogers family. All theological disagreements aside, as I noted a few years ago when reviewing his sermons on Romans 8 and 9, when it came to justification, he was spot-on, and we can be thankful for his life and ministry.
Also in the “arrived over night” material is a rather full article by Steve Hays in response to Paul Owen’s continued attack upon the substitutionary, penal work of atonement by our Lord Jesus Christ, here. I am thankful Steve Hays and others have the stomach to continue to deal with Owen’s ever widening body of writing giving evidence of his apostasy. As sad as it is to see false teaching proclaimed, it is also good to know that Paul was right: time does, in essence, demonstrate who is approved and who is not (1 Cor. 11:19), and I can only hope that those who have been duped by this man in the past will see him for what he really is and will no longer cooperate in assisting him to spread his teachings in those bodies of believers where he has no place being given a platform.

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