I will spare anyone my travel stories, as the trip back was more stressful than the trip out, despite my luggage actually making it with me this time. I have only one tip for all folks traveling in the UK: do not, I repeat, do not, use EasyJet to make your connections to real airlines. EasyJet is fine for quickie trips with almost no luggage. But when you are traveling for nearly two weeks, and have to depend on them being on time—forget it. Just my two cents worth.
   Far more encouraging was the fellowship and the ministry of the Word. I delivered four sermons while there, along with three presentations on Islam. I developed a whole new PowerPoint on the contrasts between the transmission of the text of the Qur’an and that of the New Testament. All were well received, and the fellow believers showed a real interest in being prepared to give an answer in our dark and challenging culture. At the beginning of the trip I had the opportunity of spending two hours on a Sky digital television station discussion predestination, taking calls, answering e-mails, etc., in a panel discussion on the topic. That was quite interesting, though, since I was operating on zero sleep and wearing clothes I just bought at Tesco and a borrowed jacket, I don’t really remember a lot of it! But I do recall one of Jehovah’s Witnesses calling in, along with a universalist. Those calls were quite interesting.
   So next up on the agenda is the CRM cruise where I will be speaking along with R.C. Sproul and Gary DeMar. That begins 6/23. Till then, the DL should be back on its regular schedule! Now to try to remember where I am in the Ally/Licona debate!

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