Spent most of our time playing an attempted response from Leighton Flowers to our last program, and then played some more of David Allen’s comments, including some pretty amazing examples of eisegesis and category errors.  Numerous head-shaking moments in this one to be sure!  I also mentioned we have three over-seas trips scheduled for 2017, so we need your help, with the first to South Africa coming up in March!  Please help if you can!

At the end of the show, Rich played a sample of Tim Bushong’s, A Mighty Fortress. Tim has released a Christmas album that, jarringly I’m sure for some, includes the full version of the Mighty Fortress riff he did for us. And you can get that album either as a cd or as a download (and help his daughter on a missions trip) at various links, such as here, here, and here.

Here is the YouTube link:


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