Here are some of the comments left by Roman Catholics on Michuta’s video. They are…educational.

This topic was brillantly debated by Gary Michuta. Gary proved every point and Mr. White was stuck with restating his platitudes. BTW, Steve Ray and Dave Armstrong were in the audience. Instead of there being a debate, why doesn’t Mr. White just stop misrepresenting the truth to suit his beliefs? — EveRachel44
Steve Ray always backs up his research, talks and videos with tons of facts. The attack on his credibility was hateful. Thank you for verifying in complete detail the truth and facts of Steve Ray’s comments. — EveRachel44
WOW! I love how you not only stated your point, but, you back it up with hard facts. Outstanding. It just proves that it is so important not to just believe what someone says, but, to actually do research and see what the real truth is. Thank you! — dmaxmattie
No, what is pure garbage is how people like you can be presented with hard facts, names, places, and dates, and still refuse to believe what the Church teaches. James White? is a lying bigot and is leading people astray from our Lord’s Church. I am a convert and people like White make me sick because I was deceived by them into hating our Lord’s Church for years and years. — IrishEddieOHara
Where is it pure garbage? Without it you fall into the Protestant Jack Chick style of criticism, the very thing you are accusing the video of! Stop parroting James White and come up with some arguments of your own. — timothyprescott
This is a great video! I don’t doubt Ray’s scholarship. He has proven himself over and over again. — cmic566

   See why Roman Catholic apologists can get away with saying things to this kind of audience that they could never get away with in a debate with a knowledgable opponent?

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