This morning I was directed to a new feature of the Catholic Answers website, their video wall, found here. And what to my wondering eyes should appear right at the top of the “wall” but a video I reviewed over two years ago when Steve Ray linked to it by one Russ Rentler. At the time I produced the video below pointing out that not only was it historically inaccurate in many places, but it is simply not orthodox. It presents a modalistic view of the Trinity, with the Father becoming incarnate! But, as a further example of how rarely Rome’s apologists even bother to see what is being said in response to their tired old arguments, here is the same unorthodox video posted on the Catholic Answers website. It really does make you wonder why Rome’s apologists find Trinitarian accuracy so irrelevant. I wonder—if the performer had presented an understanding of, say, one of the Marian dogmas, that was clearly unorthodox, would they be posting his video? I doubt it. Tells you a little something about the priorities on the far side of the Tiber River. Here’s that video, and the easy refutation of its claims, from March of 2008:

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