I intended to spend the whole hour doing a Radio Free Geneva, announcing that I had learned that Ergun Caner has written a foreword for Lou Ruggiero’s new book, The God of Calvinism, but the first two calls that came in (early in the program) were on Camping (from a fellow who has called the ministry many times) and atheism (from an atheist who wanted to “review” the Barker debate). Rich told me ahead of time exactly what the Camping caller was going to do, and I mean, exactly. He knew since he has gone around and around with the fellow before, so, I decided ahead of time I wasn’t going to invest a lot of time on that one. I spent a lot more time with our atheist caller, and though highly exasperating, I hope it was likewise educational. I have once again been struck with how atheists, who profess themselves to be such clear thinkers, are so often anything but, and how they will throw consistency to the wind as long as it assists them in their suppression of the knowledge of God. The longer I live and minister, the more I not only believe Romans 1 is inspired, I see it.

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