Unfortunately, the program wasn’t about Ehrman finally taking a stand on the Qur’an (that would be quite the news!).  Instead, I started off with some comments on Ehrman’s new book (I am about halfway through it) and how I hope to use its release as a teaching opportunity to address a wider set of issues.  The kind of arguments in his new book will be thrown at every one of our young people in the coming decades.

Then I moved back to a topic we have covered a few times, that of the relationship between the Qur’an and the Christian Scriptures.  I had planned on responding to some comments made by Shabir Ally in our debate in Erasmia, South Africa, regarding Surah 5:47, but a series of emails from Farhan Qureshi prompted me to get to it today on the program.  We went a bit in depth, to be sure, but hopefully with sufficient clarity to be of use to most in our audience.

Here is the YouTube link:


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