Well, despite our best intentions and efforts, we are not at all ready to do the Dividing Line from our new offices.

We have the windows in, and the door shouldn’t take too long, and maybe we can put a few ceiling tiles up, etc., but our best hope is to go for Thursday afternoon, and even then, I think it will be echoing some, and there may be some backtground noise as well. But, we will see…as it stands we still have to get all the equipment installed, wired, phone lines strung, microphone installed…it’s going to be close even for Thursday as I am seeing things right now. But if that happens, I’ll try to go for Friday if need be. I wish to discuss the Caner debate and also find some time to comment some more on Revelation 5:9-10. I want to press on with the Davis sermon, but that assumes an ability to get wireless working so that I can play sound files, etc. The details are many! But we press on.

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