Somone referred me to a feud between popular TV eschatologist Hal Lindsey (yes, I remember taking a standardized achievement test in my senior year in High School long ago and reading his Late Great Planet Earth between segments of the test) and TBN’s Jan and Paul Crouch. Here’s a letter from Lindsey to TBN, here’s another story on it. Seems TBN doesn’t want to say anything negative about Islam. Looks like they’ve bought into the “most Muslims are not like that” line and hence do not want to deal with the reality of Qur’anic-based Islamic religion. Not overly surprising, given the theology–or lack thereof–expressed on TBN, where tongues define orthodoxy but the Trinity doesn’t. But it is still odd to see one person with a less than stellar theological resume leaving TBN because they want to censor statements about Islam. I suppose it can get stranger than this, but I really don’t want it to.

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