Roman Catholic Conversion Stories: An Introduction Wow James, what moxie does anyone have by giving their personal testimony of how Jesus Christ has changed their lives. You attack Scott Hahn and others, or rather your midget-minded friend James does in this case, but you posted it, and concurred with him. I guess Saint Paul was a loon for giving his personal testimony of how he was changed by Jesus Christ in the Sacred Scriptures as well. We should all give an account of our conversion stories, this is how we help pass on the Gospel, just as Saint Paul did. Of course if Saint Paul was standing here in person telling you the truths of the faith as handed on by Jesus Himself you would probably call Saint Paul a dull-witt as well. Your gross arrogance is simply amphigoric as usual. Why on earth James do you think you have any authority whatsoever to teach from Sacred Writ? As you well know you constantly mutilate and pervert Holy Writ and the quotations of the Church Fathers. You alone will have to answer for your unmittigated, apathetic arrogance. Yes another love letter from Rome. You have been warned. Yours in Christ, Robert Locksley

   If TQuid wishes to respond to this, he is surely free to do so, but I think it actually confirms rather strongly the mind-set he mentioned in his article (though, Robert doesn’t seem to see that). In fact, it misses the whole point James Swan was making. But notice the appeal to authority, and that in defense of a system that only knows how to muddle the meaning of Scripture, never clarify it. And remember what happens each and every time one of these folks is challenged to back up their “you constantly mutilate and pervert Holy Writ and the quotations of the Church Fathers” accusation is made? Yeah, lots of documentation provided here, as usual. Oh, and I must say, I appreciate learning the term “amphigoric.” But the “wow” factor of using amphigoric was ruined by misspelling “unmitigated” and by connecting it improperly with “apathetic.” Seriously, I wonder what “you have been warned” means?

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