I rarely talk much about the correspondence we get (partly because, obviously, I only see a small portion of it). But I thought today I’d share some of what Rich Pierce plopped on my desk this morning. MR from Lexington, KY wrote, in part:

I languished in the [seeker sensitive/warm fuzzy preaching] church for a few years….Well I left about a year ago and have since wandered into all kinds of churches. All the while I’ve had a sense of not knowing exactly what I should be primarily looking for. But because of your ministry, and others like John Piper, I’ve discovered one of the main things I need to be seeking in a local church – sound, reformed, biblical teaching, or in Spurgeon’s words, “the religion of God’s own church”….I’m now speaking more confidently and, yes, more compassionately with others about Jesus Christ.

I’ll add a second after prayer meeting tonight. 🙂

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