A recent blog post from TurretinFan reminded me that the world has reached its final year, that is, according to Harold Camping. If you venture over to Family Radio’s web page, you’ll find a map of the world, along with a box reminding Camping’s followers of the approaching day of judgment, May 21, 2011.

For those of you who may be new to Alpha and Omega Ministries, Mr. Camping was directly confronted by Dr. White. In July 2009, Chris Arnzen’s Iron Sharpens Iron radio show hosted a debate between Dr. White and Mr. Camping. All the shows are available as free mp3 downloads:

Harold Camping Debates Dr. James White (Part One)

Harold Camping Debates Dr. James White (Part Two)

James White Reviews His Debate with Harold Camping

Harold Camping Reviews His Debate with James White

Also related, TurretinFan was on Iron Sharpens Iron in regard to Mr. Camping:

TurretinFan: Harold Camping’s Achilles Heel: Why Family Radio’s Date for the End of the World is Wrong

Dr. White also has a video available: “Harold Camping Seminar, 2002”

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