Last evening we attempted to stream the audio of the debate live. Due to connection issues, the sound quality was very poor. I apologize for that.
   When I debated Bart Ehrman in January I fired up Skype after my opening presentation and called one brother in California so he could listen in. About six or seven other folks jumped on the call once it became known it was available. The sound quality using only my Mac microphone was excellent. That gave us the idea to do the same thing last night at the Barker debate.
   I have a Verizon broadband modem that works really well. I obviously do not have time to be focusing upon much other than debating, but most of the time I am alone at a debate (unless we are video taping it). I know folks really love to listen live, and most of our supporters cannot travel long distances to be at debates. So, here’s my idea.
   Here is a sub-$300 solid-state (no hard drive) mini-laptop from Asus. If I install my Verizon software on this, along with Skype, and a decent microphone, I should be able to connect to our studios in Phoenix prior to the debate, and then…forget it, until the debate is over, anyway. The unit, since it is not running a hard drive, should have sufficient battery power to last through any debate, so I wouldn’t have to be looking for power sources for it, and it is very small and light, making it easy to carry and get through security at airports. I could either keep it on my desk, or, have a fellow believer keep it in the audience (in front of the speakers). In any case, it would provide a cheap, but effective means of providing for on-site streaming of future debates and presentations.
   So I have placed this unit on the Ministry Resources list. Lord willing, if God’s people provide the unit (I’ve included a protective cover) then I should be able to test it out in June when I travel to New Jersey and New York.
   I was sitting at gate B6 in the Indianapolis airport when I posted the above article. I turned off my computer, put it in my bag, and went down to a store down the way to buy some snacks for the flight home. When I got back to the gate, I pulled my BlackBerry and decided to see if I could get my wish list up with my browser. This was within ten minutes of posting the above article. When I got to the list, I discovered that the computer had already been purchased! Within ten, at most, fifteen minutes, after I posted the article! Rich already knew it when I called him before boarding my flight, and all we could say was, “God’s people are good.” I am truly thankful.

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