OK, so what am I behind on now…wanted to have an article up on the sources I’ve discovered that must lie behind the “redacted Hebrew text prophecied by the Dead Sea Scrolls” defense offered by Dave Hunt (turns out the editor on this self-published edition is big into the “Hebrew originals underlying the Synoptics and part of Acts” theory, and that explains where this wild little paragraph came from) by now, but time has gone into hyper-drive of late. Yes, I want to continue the textual critical discussion from back in October, as well, and I need to offer some brotherly dialogue in reference to Eric Svendsen’s comments on being a 4.5 pt. Calvinist as well. Also, read today with great sadness about the continued persecution of Christians in Western nations under the guise of secular “tolerance” and “hate-speech laws,” with the conviction of two Christian ministers in Australia for having spoken the truth about Islam in their own church! Do not be deceived, folks: secularism is just as inherently religious in nature as any theistic religion; and it is just as dedicated to the destruction of the light as any other false religion. Counting the cost is not far in the future for us all. Have you thanked God today for your freedom of speech? You better, since you may not have that freedom in the not too distant future. Last two “yeah, I know” items: yes, I want to get to the very shallow defense offered by some recently of Richard Mouw’s comments in Salt Lake City, and I will try to remember to review the comments Jimmy Akin made on yesterday’s edition of Catholic Answers, both with reference to the use of gnostic gospels (which I found interesting), his promotion of Tacelli’s attempted response to Svendsen, and then his assertion that I do not “give the benefit of the doubt” to Catholic writers (eh?). No, no details were given, of course. Then he attempted to promote his own self-taught expertise in the biblical languages as well (at my expense). We’ll respond on the DL next week.

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