My wonderful, patient, and MUCH younger wife, informed me a few weeks ago that we would be celebrating my birthday a day early. I knew that meant that something was afoot, but I simply haven’t had the time to devote to try to figure out what she was up to. I just knew that as soon as the Dividing Line was over we were to head out together. I was worried about something crazy like bungie jumping or the like. Instead, she let me choose where we had dinner, and I pretty quickly got the idea we were headed somewhere where we had to get there by 7pm or so. We finally arrived at the Glendale Arena, a new facility I had never seen before. And we were all the way to the door before I finally saw why we were there: my wonderful wife was taking me to the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Celebration! I had always wanted to see Mannheim Steamroller in concert, especially their Christmas concert. Those who listen to the pre-show during December know I play a lot of their music. Here is a picture, as best as I could take in the dark, of their opening number. I got some great video though on my little camera, with excellent audio quality. It was wonderful! I am so thankful to my lovely wife for surprising me so completely with this wonderful evening!

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