I’ve asked you to pray for the single most demanding, grueling, hectic week of ministry ever. Now, here it is:

Arrival: Tuesday October the 1st.

Wednesday the 2nd Debate in Lenasia South Africa 19:30 pm.
Topic: “Can God Become Man”?
Venue: Lenasia Johannesburg at the “Taalimul Mosque in the Islamic Hall” hosted by Bashir Varnia & Brian Marrian.

14:00-15:00am: “What is Reformed Theology all about” at the Reformed Theological Department.

18:30-20:30pm: Debate in Sanlam Auditorium, NWU:
1. Is the N.T. a Reliable Record of Jesus’ Teachings?
2. Is the Quran a Reliable Record of Muhammad’s Teachings?”
Venue: Faculty of Theology, NWU, Potchefstroom

Friday 4 Oct at 9:00-11:30am: Dr. White & John Gillchrist – How to reach out to Muslims.
12:00-13:30pm: Dr. White & John Gillchrist – Gnosticism and the historical Jesus debate.
Venue: Faculty of Theology, NWU, Potchefstroom

Friday 4 Oct 18:30 pm: Dr. James White & Yusuf Bux.
Topic: A Discussion on the Trinity and Tawheed: A Muslim and Christian Perspective.
Venue: Council Chambers: Madibeng Building University of Johannesburg.

Saturday the 5th: 9am-5pm: Worldview Conference:
Topics: Homosexuality: Choice or Wired?
What Every Christian Must Know About the Quran
God’s Sovereignty vs. Free Will?
Q&A Session
Venue: Antioch Bible Church Randburg Johannesburg with Pastor Tim Cantrell.

Sunday the 6th: Talk @ Tembisa Church:
Topic: Jehovah’s Witness.
Time: 10am

Sunday the 6th: 17:30 p.m. Talk at “AntWoord” Ministries
Venue: Garsfontein High School Pretoria.
Topic: Is the New Testament Reliable. Talk with Dr. James White.

Monday the 7th: 6:30pm: Dr. James White vs. Dr. Shabir Ali.
Topic: Sin and Salvation in the Quran/Bible.
Venue: Erasmia Hall Mosque

Tuesday the 8th: 6:30pm: Dr. James White vs. Dr. Shabir Ali.
Topic: Did the Original Disciples of Jesus Consider Him God?
Venue: University of Pta.

On the way to South Africa I will be stopping in London to do at least one Unbelievable episode with Peter D. Williams on the ultimate authority for a Christian, with a second episode possible. Your prayers and support during this time are much appreciated!

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