I thought I’d provide the uber-cool graphic centuri0n created for his Wooden Nickel Awards for 2005, but it is in various parts, and my 1993 vintage blog format can’t handle high class stuff like that, so this is all I can mange. I got the one for being the meanest Calvinist on the net. I’m honored. While folks like Pyromaniac earned their blogosphere royalty, I’m still wondering what centuri0n did to get his exalted position. He used to be a regular in our channel, and I don’t recall him doing anything then worthy of this level of…royalty. Oh well, I must have missed it. Maybe I should ask iMonk…no, no, scratch that.
We had a few interesting replies to my noting the shooting of the young LDS missionary. One Mormon took great exception to the post, which did not surprise me a lot. How dare I pray God would glorify Himself by drawing near and revealing Himself in truth to someone! See, Mormonism, given its inherent subjectivism, is next to defenseless against post-modernism. Old-time Mormons who actually believed something objective would have had a basis upon which to understand my statements. They could have understood, “Since he believes us to be in error and deceived, he is wishing the best thing he could conceive,” but modern Mormons, deeply infected, as most of our society, with postmodern thought, have a hard time stretching that far.
Now another LDS response we got was quite humorous. Maybe it is because we have articles on Mormonism on our site. Maybe it was the mere mention of “LDS” in yesterday’s blog article. I don’t know, but we got what could only be an automated e-mail this morning from a LDS dating website asking us to post their banner ad on our website, which likewise said we have a “great site.” And we could get $20 for every LDS single who signs up! Hey, we had never considered such a means of funding our work! What a thought.
In other news that would be as humorous if it wasn’t so sad, the current edition of The Berean Call contains a basically incoherent, rambling commentary on John Piper’s Desiring God that is just simply ridiculous. I do not know who wrote it, but whoever it was has not read more than a paragraph or two of Piper’s work, and at that, without a scintilla of understanding. Just reprehensible. Is it TBC’s intention to utterly and completely destroy every single last shred of integtrity it has ever possessed? One truly has to wonder.
Then, in the “hell froze over today” category, Eric Nielsen, after holding the resources of his blogging ISP hostage for about twenty months, has begun blogging again. Here’s the link. He even got a wooden nickel like I did–just for something…else. This is one of the most monumentous events in blogging history, which, admittedly, isn’t that big a deal anyway, but I thought I would mention it. It’s big to some of us anyway.
Finally, I have a question for our few Muslim readers (and I know we have some since I have been commentining on Shabir Ally, Ahmed Deedat, etc., of late): Is there any Islamic apologist or scholar out there who has had the integrity to openly and publicly reject the absurd forms of gross misrepresentation and simple untruths used regularly by Ahmed Deedat in his popular talks and debates? I would really like to know. There has to be someone with a sufficiently high view of truth who had, during the 1980s and 90s, the guts to stand up and say, “Excuse me, but this man is using fallacious arguments in defense of my faith, and I object.” Is there anyone? Could someone drop me a note with links to those Muslim scholars and apologists who did that back then? And how about today? Are there any of the currently active Islamic apologists who will admit Deedat’s central arguments were grossly inaccurate? Let me know.

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