Greetings from the campus of the University of Illinois. I just had lunch with the folks from the Navigators. Most enjoyable time, though, I just don’t understand how kids in college keep getting younger and younger. I was talking about stuff back in the 80s and they were all staring at me like I was old or something. But a very nice time indeed.
   I have my presentation finished, and I am just resting up before heading over to the auditorium. Please pray for the debate this evening. Pray for clarity of thought and speech, pray for the audience, pray for the recording.
   We still intend to do all we can to make this available live via our regular Dividing Line link. Click “Webcast” above to try the link. The debate begins at 7pm CDT, 5pm MST.
   I just got a call seeking to arrange a debate after I speak at the conference in New Jersey in June. Pray the Lord will open the door for this opportunity to proclaim the gospel and defend the faith.
   A final thanks to all of you who have supported the effort in putting this debate together, especially those who gave through the Ministry Resource list. That is always greatly appreciated.
   I will do all I can to get a blog article up, and some video, before I go to bed tonight (or early tomorrow morning!).

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