I want to praise God for what he has done through you guys. My introduction to your ministry came through The King James Only Controversy. Then as I was learning about the doctrines of grace you were again very helpful in both my understanding and defense of those truths. From Mormonism to Jehovah’s Witness to now Islam, your ministry has been a huge blessing in my life.

I was a KJV-Only proponent for seven years. I taught Bible studies on the superiority of the KJV and embraced the circular arguing and double-standards upon which this divisive teaching depends. I read James’ King James Only Controversy at least three times and the Lord used it to open my eyes and mind. I am deeply grateful for his work and the skillful and well-researched writing he presents.

Don’t ever let anyone dissuade you from your work due to the false argument, “no one ever changes their minds on deeply held traditions.” That isn’t true. You have changed mine and my whole family is grateful.

Brothers James & Rich…

I can’t begin to even tell you what kind of blessing AOMIN has been in my Christian walk over the last 9 years. I was a new believer when I found www.aomin.org. Your books, tapes, and videos really helped me through the “cage-stage” years! I thank God for raising up men like you. I admire your love for the local church and the emphasis you always put on it.

May the Lord Bless and keep you and AOMIN going strong for another 25 years (if not more!).
I love you guys in the Lord and thank you (and your families) from all my heart for your hard work and sacrifice.

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