Hi Dr. White and Rich,
Hopefully this e-mail won’t be too long winded and you will be able to persevere to the end and gain some encouragement from my little testimonial. I don’t expect a personal response as I know you are probably getting tons of these (though I would not turn one down.) 🙂 I wanted to briefly tell you my story of how I became aquatinted with Alpha & Omega Ministries and then touch on what your ministry continues to mean to me today.

I remember clearly how I was introduced to A & O. I had ordered a tape series from Greg Koukl and Stand to Reason. It was their yearly “Masters Series.” This particular set contained a lecture by Dr. White on KJV Onlyism and the reliability of the NT manuscripts. I had never heard of Dr. White before this, but was very familiar with STR and trusted them very much. I had recently run into some KJV Only stuff through some DVD’s by Kent Hovind that were being promoted with some people I knew. I checked out the DVD’s and was troubled by his many attacks upon modern translations. So I started doing some reading and research and Dr. White’s lecture was one of the tools that I used to help counter this new teaching that I hadn’t run into before. Through this lecture, I became very interested in textual criticism and the NT manuscripts and used this lecture as a source for a speech I gave in college and for some apologetics Sunday School classes at my church.

At this particular time I was also coming into contact with Calvinism and Reformed theology. I was raised in a non-denominational church that was pretty strongly Arminian, but I was basically unaware of any of the issues involved. I just thought what our church taught was what

everyone taught. I was ignorant. Well, because of how much I learned from the NT lecture, I visited aomin.org and got ahold of many more of Dr. White’s books (Potter’s Freedom, The Forgotten Trinity, KJV Controversy, RC Controversy etc.) I really had no idea that Dr. White was “Reformed” (not that I even knew what that meant to begin with), but as I began listening to the Dividing Line regularly and reading your online articles and listening to debates, I was brought around to becoming a full blown Calvinist myself! 🙂 Looking back now, it is so clear how the Lord strategically used many things, especially A & O, to bring me to a fuller understanding of salvation and the Doctrines of Grace and the beauty and consistency and livability of a full orbed Reformed worldview.

I continue to be an avid Dividing Line listener. My girlfriend jokes with me because Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are “Dividing Line days.” 🙂 I also recently began a resource ministry at my church and we are currently carrying the Forgotten Trinity which I recommend all the time. 🙂 As the ministry grows, Lord willing, we will carry more books and hopefully DVD’s of debates.

While I write this, I am in the middle of today’s Dividing Line (8-2-08) and it is a perfect example of why your ministry means so much to me and the group of Christians that I am involved with the most. You are not afraid to put yourself out there and speak the truth about our culture and the wrath of God. Especially when so many around us are unwilling to “go there,” your conscience is captive to the Word of God and not to “what is popular” or “politically correct.” Even as I write this I am getting a little emotional just because of how much I appreciate and value your willingness to stand for Christ in a culture that is increasingly hostile to the Gospel (and that is saying something because I don’t usually get misty eyed.)

I better end this to have any hope of you reading the whole thing. 🙂 However, I just want to reiterate my extreme gratitude and thanks for your tireless and faithful work for the Gospel and for the glory of God. It is hard for me to “rank” a ministries effect upon me because many of them “overlap” quite a bit in touching on the same subjects. However, it is quite easy for me to say that your ministry has served me in ways that no other ministry has, and the resulting effect cannot
really be quantified. Your ministry is utterly unique in the range of subjects that you address as well as your almost constant availability for communication and contact on the Dividing Line or through e-mail or in #prosapologian. Please be encouraged to continue your ministry and work for the Gospel for as long as the Lord grants you life and breath. And please know that when you have finished your race, you will know that you have not run in vain or labored in vain. What I have learned from you and your ministry is beyond measure.

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