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Monday Miscellaneous

Tackled a tough, challenging section of Hebrews at PRBC on Sunday.  NOTE TO ALL ANTI-LORDSHIP, CHEAP-GRACE, NON-REPENTANCE FOLKS: Please note both sermons, but especially the evening sermon.  I really tried to give you all the evidence you could possibly need that I am firmly, unalterably OPPOSED to your position and identify it as a fundamental denial of the Gospel. I hope I’m really clear on that.

Just a quick note: we will have three DL’s this week, Lord willing, including a special Friday edition with Michael Brown to discuss his new book, Can You Be Gay and Christian?  Then, next Tuesday, we will be joined by a young apologist who thinks I do nothing for the kingdom, am like the sound of one hand clapping, and will be discussing Molinism with me anyway!  Should be interesting.

Finally, I’ve added a few items to the Ministry Resource List, here.  Your assistance is always deeply appreciated.  And let me add my deepest thanks again to the handful of folks who responded to our posting of computer materials about two weeks ago.  The speed with which that need was met was astounding, and encouraging in a level that is hard to express.  Thank you so much.

More Commentary on Pinto’s Conspiracy Theory

Fred Butler has further comments on Chris Pinto’s failed performance in the debate:

(Incidentally, I find it telling that Chris Pinto and Brannon Howse refuse to post the debate audio on their respective websites for their people to listen to. If they think Pinto “won” the debate, why not post it? I think we all know the answer to this.)



Theological Junkies Rejoice

We have decided to re-post our ‘Apologetics Articles’ section from our vintage website into the blog feed making that which was old new again. The vast majority of these documents originated in paper form that we called ‘Theological Information Sheets’ that spanned various topics such as the Trinity, the Deity of Christ and even a sample page describing how to remove one’s name from the rolls of the LDS church. Over the next several weeks we will be gradually re-posting those items here on the blog so keep an eye out for them.


Team Apologian: Two New Additions!

   A few months ago I decided I could use some more help with the blog, so I began pondering who to invite to join Team Apologian. Right around that time I started noticing the amount of time, and effort, going into posts here. I had come to know Tur8infan (his nick in our channel) over the preceding months, as he had become a regular in our chat channel. The consistency of his work, the depth of his understanding of the issues, and his ability to provide a God-honoring, biblical apologetic, led me to invite him to join our team. Tur8infan adds to our Presbyterian presence on the team, and is likewise our first pseudonymous team member (lest anyone think he is claiming to channel THE Francis Turretin!). I am excited to have Tur8infan with us, and I will be posting his first article tomorrow. Tur8infan joins our famous graphic on the far left, the writing on his jacket indicating his Presbyterian predilections.
   On the right side of our graphic I am justifiably proud to introduce my second-born, she who in my own opinion is a better writer than her dad, my 19-year old daughter, Summer. Many of you have found encouragement in my reporting Summer’s encounters with the world of academia, first her letter to President Bush back in her sophomore year in high school, and second her encounters with her philosophy professor in her first year of college. Of course, Summer’s presence on the team completely messes up the “really bad looking Calvinist guy” image we were working on, but we will survive. We left the Pyromaniacs in the dust a long time ago as far as having Angelz doing our graphics (thanks again, Angelz! Now let’s see a Nadir Ahmed toon!), but now, adding a brilliant young lady like Summer—well, what can I say? We have moved into a whole new realm!
   So I welcome our two new team members, and hope their contributions will add to the value of this blog in the years to come. I begin with Summer’s first contribution.