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Let Me Introduce You to Ryan

I would like to introduce the newest contributor to our page. While I consider Ryan to be a very good friend that isn’t the reason that I invited him to become a contributor. I invited him because he is a serious and deep thinker. He also has an interesting sense of humor. If you aren’t careful to keep up you will find yourself in “no man’s land” trying to figure out if he is serious or not. I don’t always agree with him but he always causes me to think about things from a perspective that usually I tend to overlook. We will soon be posting his first work and I hope that you will give him a solid read. Please take a moment and welcome him on twitter using the @AOMinOrg handle. (He doesn’t do Facebook – don’t ask). 😉

Oh, for those who think me “sidekick,” you might want to look at my bio below. 😉


Daily Bible Reading Plan for 2018

It is about that time of the year when we are introduced to creative ways to read our Bible for the next calendar year. Did you do it this year?

This is my tenth year encouraging others to take each day of the year to read and reflect on a single unit in the Gospels. Did you know there are about 365 units in the Gospels? In the past, I cited five good reasons to own a Gospel Synopsis. The fifth reason is:

“Read a synopsis in one year by reading one pericope [a gospel unit] every day. By coincidence, the synopsis contains 367 pericopes. That is, all four Gospels combined contain 367 units.

Get the following edition soon before the first of year so you are ready to go: Synopsis of the Four Gospels


Monday Miscellaneous

Tackled a tough, challenging section of Hebrews at PRBC on Sunday.  NOTE TO ALL ANTI-LORDSHIP, CHEAP-GRACE, NON-REPENTANCE FOLKS: Please note both sermons, but especially the evening sermon.  I really tried to give you all the evidence you could possibly need that I am firmly, unalterably OPPOSED to your position and identify it as a fundamental denial of the Gospel. I hope I’m really clear on that.

Just a quick note: we will have three DL’s this week, Lord willing, including a special Friday edition with Michael Brown to discuss his new book, Can You Be Gay and Christian?  Then, next Tuesday, we will be joined by a young apologist who thinks I do nothing for the kingdom, am like the sound of one hand clapping, and will be discussing Molinism with me anyway!  Should be interesting.

Finally, I’ve added a few items to the Ministry Resource List, here.  Your assistance is always deeply appreciated.  And let me add my deepest thanks again to the handful of folks who responded to our posting of computer materials about two weeks ago.  The speed with which that need was met was astounding, and encouraging in a level that is hard to express.  Thank you so much.

More Commentary on Pinto’s Conspiracy Theory

Fred Butler has further comments on Chris Pinto’s failed performance in the debate:

(Incidentally, I find it telling that Chris Pinto and Brannon Howse refuse to post the debate audio on their respective websites for their people to listen to. If they think Pinto “won” the debate, why not post it? I think we all know the answer to this.)