Exegetica: Roman Catholic Apologists Practice Eisegesis in Scripture and Patristics

Open Lines

Responding to audio clips from Catholic Answers Live

Response to Roman Catholic Scott Hahn on “Once for All” in Hebrews

Karl Keating’s Response to Eric Svenson and the State of Roman Catholic Apologetics

John 6 – A Final Response by James White, Mike Porter, Eric Nielsen, and Colin Smith

Open Phones with Remote Connection to Dr. White in San Francisco

Debate: Purgatory: Biblical or Mythical? Fr. Peter Stravinskas, Long Island, New York, 5/24/2001

Response to “White is Wrong” Article in This Rock Magazine

Reflections on Recent Temple Outreach & Debate: Free Agency, Richard Hopkins, Salt Lake City, Utah, 3/30/2001

An Excellent Example of Sola Ecclesia: John 6 and Exegesis

John 6, the Father and the Son, Salvation, and Roman Catholic Apologists

You Tell Us: Does Rome Provide Infallible Certainty About the Gospel?

Failure to Document: Catholic Answers Glosses Over History

Abridged Version of Papal Infallibility Debate With Robert Sungenis

Live On Air Debate With Roman Catholic Scott Windsor on Bible Interpretation

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