Dear Sir…I’m writing to inform you that, first off, you’re a liar. Perhaps that is too strong a word. Maybe you are just too stupid to check your facts before publishing something so blatantly wrong and misdirected. Let me first correct you by saying Geron Davis & Kindred Souls were not the group that led in worship at the event you refer to in your article published on your website on 7/1/05. You say “after watching portions of that program…” referring to the Pastor’s Conference at the SBC last June in Nashville, TN. Not real sure who you saw, but I can tell you it was not GD&KS. Their name was on the program (as you VERIFIED) but they were not at this event. I would like to say and think that had you actually seen Geron Davis & Kindred Souls lead in worship you MIGHT have been blessed. I’m not sure, however. After spending some time this evening perusing your website and your “beliefs” it seems that you have a veil over your eyes Mr. White. Let me tell you what I DO know. I DO know that Geron Davis is a man who loves the Lord and loves people. He is a man who is full of unconditional love for people from every walk of life. I’ve never known anyone who knows as many people as Geron Davis and no one who is loved by more people than he is. He has, personally, been an example to me of what it means to love people with the love of Christ. His ministry is a viable ministry that touches the lives and souls of people around this country. I work for his minsitry and happen to know of the countless people who have come to know the Lord, experienced miraculous healing, prodicals who have returned home, & lives restored to Christ through what he and Kindred Souls do on a weekly basis. I also KNOW that Geron Davis and Kindred Souls are good friends…and in good standing…with many Southern Baptist constituents around the country. Another thing I DO know is the Bible talks about those who cause dissention among the brethren…that those are men who lend themselves to the work of the devil. I’ve thought about what the purpose would be to publish something that is just, first…wrong and then why you would want to try and discredit someone’s ministry? I can’t wrap my mind around anything other than just evilness. What exactly is it you do Mr. White to promote the Kingdom of God? To help those who do not know Christ, come to know Him? To lend a hand of support to those in need of a spiritual boost? Honestly WHAT does your ministry do to glorify God? Fighting? Arguing? Stirring up dissension? Bullying? Lying? Where is THAT in the scripture? Mr. White, you clearly are knowledgeable about the Word of God, but it seems you lack wisdom and revelation about how to apply it to your life. I pray that you might consider a different approach in your ministry. Maybe consider taking a path that doesn’t include attacking those in ministry that ARE making a difference for the Kingdom of God. Hey..I got it…go into any Lifeway Christian store and pick up some of Geron Davis and Kindred Souls music. You know…those are the ones affiliated with the SBC!!! If anything…at least you’ll know what they LOOK LIKE!!!

   Evidently, Lana was doing some surfing and found a brief note from a year ago. Here it is. You will note that the link still works, verifying that this singing group performed. Now, whether they did or didn’t isn’t overly relevant, in that the point was they were surely scheduled to do so by the SBC. If someone was there and can verify whether they performed or were replaced, I’d be interested, but it is hardly relevant. To accuse me of lying on the basis of the published schedule of the SBC itself is, of course, silly. But the point of my article (unless I’m forgetting, I think this is the only time I’ve ever commented on the group) was simple: their sponsoring church (ironically, from the same area as Lana!) cannot affirm the Trinity as a divine revelation from God. Think of that for just a moment. “We won’t figure it all out in our lifetime” is a phrase that sounds so humble, but in reality is just another way of saying “We don’t believe God has revealed Himself with sufficient clarity to really believe what generations of Christians have confessed and adored.” Outside of everything that is wrong with that kind of thinking, there is the little issue that the SBC has this thing called the Baptist Faith and Message, which happens to state, “The eternal triune God reveals Himself to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with distinct personal attributes, but without division of nature, essence, or being.” So why would a group that cannot affirm this, does not preach this, teach this, be asked to “lead in worship” at the Convention? How can you “lead in worship” when you don’t know God well enough to know if God is triune or not? What does this say about our ideas of “worship”?
   Now, if this group confesses the Trinity, that is wonderful. However, that only raises the next point: if that is so, why be based in a church that cannot tell you whether God is triune or not? In any case, there is a major disconnect here on the confession of the very heart of the faith itself.
   So Lana, I did not lie about anything, and you missed the point. If you think it is a terrible thing to be concerned about God’s worship and His truth, then I suggest you avoid reading the epistle to the Galatians. You will be highly offended. You might wish to avoid Colossians, too. Oh, and 1 John. Very bad stuff. Oh, and Jude. And 2 Peter. Oh, and lots and lots of John’s Gospel. Goodness, you might just find yourself having a problem with the entirety of the New Testament. Think about it.

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