AOmin, I am excited about this opportunity to say “thank you.” I thought this opportunity would only come in Glory.

Thank you for being vessels used for Christ’s kingdom. You guys are very capable men who could make a lot more money somewhere else, but you choose the better path. That decision has made a world of difference in my life.

James, thank you for making me think for the past 8 years. I have enjoyed your books. Your simple discussion of the hard topics is a breath of fresh air, especially after reading John Owen. I am even working through Dudes and the Door with my daughter, and she is enjoying that book. Most importantly, thank you for developing my critical ear through your debates and Dividing Lines. I have been witnessing to a Jehovah Witness for the past 3 years, and I am able to hear his inconsistencies due to listening to your working through your opponent’s sermons and lectures. Your eternal crowns are definitely multiplying with your passive investments in your listeners/readers.

Rich, thank you for challenging me in using my abilities for Christ’s kingdom. After hearing about all the things that you do to keep AOmin running properly, I know you are very talented man who could be successful in many different fields. Your sacrifice for the Church has challenged me to search for ways to serve our loving God outside of lectures and sermons. Serving others with the hammer, computer mouse and a whole lot of duct tape has been fruitful. It opens up many possibilities for evangelistic Bible studies. Rich, thank you for your hard work.


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