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More Debates Posted – I Have Been Busy This Week

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Another Wild Conspiracy Theory Announcement Coming

Thanks to the dozen or more folks who have sent me links to the British “the Romans invented Christianity” story.  I am well aware of it.  There is nothing much to be said, of course, until whatever documentation being offered is published, but if you read the story carefully, you will see it is coming from a radically skeptical perspective that is, to put it mildly, biased in its origins.  In any case, I will interact with what was said by the proponents on the Dividing Line eitherFriday (if we do a program) or next Tuesday.  But till then, remember when the media went nuts about “the Jesus family tomb” story?  Most folks don’t even remember the story any longer.  Someone is always trying for their 15 minutes of fame (and inordinate income).  Keep that in mind.

A Good Report from South Africa

I just received a call from Dr. White as he was leaving tonight’s debates. The evening went very well. We is unable to post a report at the moment but hopes to find time soon. Tomorrow begins a much heavier schedule after only five hours of sleep tonight. Please keep him in prayer.

My Monday Schedule: DMCA and YouTube

It pains me to have to do this but as I have only recently gotten familiar with the YouTube way of doing things, I have found that there is a great deal of unauthorized content on various YouTube channels that is protected under our copyright. While I have had to chase some people around to get them to honor my requests to take down this media, most have complied and nicely so. However, I can’t continue to go back and forth with people to explain how them buying something out of our bookstore and then posting that on YouTube interferes with our ability to provide for our families as well as continue to operate this ministry. So, on Monday I will dedicate my day filing DMCA claims on YouTube against A&O copyright violations. This will include videos and audios. So, here is fair warning, if you don’t have written permission from A&O or someone else who shares a copyright with us, you need to take it down this weekend. No debate, just take it down. As I understand it, if you lose just three DMCA’s on YouTube you will lose your channel, for good. Is it really worth it?

Jehovah Our Righteousness

Let me encourage you to listen to a very encouraging message by Joseph Pipa, from chapel at GPTS. just a few minutes ago. The passage was Jeremiah 23:1-8 on, Jehovah our Righteousness. Click here to listen.