I was just directed to the speaker’s page for the 25th Annual Pastor’s Conference at the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, which begins January 28th. Notables speaking there include Ah Mohler and Mark Dever. And Ergun and Emir Caner. And what do you see when you click on Ergun Caner’s bio link?

Yes, I know…someone just cut and pasted from the now utterly debunked bio that continues to float about the Internet. But it also means that the majority of folks simply do not know that Caner’s story has been proven fraudulent, and given the cover up engineered by Norman Geisler et al., the fraud continues to be perpetuated out of ignorance, or apathy, by others. So now you have real leaders, genuine scholars who have actually done the things they have claimed to have done, featured right next to those who have made outrageous claims (born in Istanbul, trained in Cairo, etc., debated Imams in mosques in Arabic, blah blah blah) and have been exposed. A great testimony at a pastor’s conference. And so the cover-up goes on.

I wonder if Caner will have the integrity to contact all the churches that intend to have him speak in the future and provide them with an honest bio, the one without the false claims about debating all over the world, born in Turkey, etc.?

Well, it is nice to know folks are out there reading this blog, because when I went back to discuss the topic on the Dividing Line today, guess what happened? The bio had been “fixed.” No, no apologies or notations, just…rewritten. Here’s the new, cleaned up version. How embarrassing is it to have to run around cleaning up the messes you created by lying about your past, when you refuse to actually admit you did it in the first place? What a shame to see this.

I note as well that until the updated bio was posted, there was a clear and obvious contradiction between the bio provided for Ergun and the one provided for Emir. Emir’s at least admits he wasn’t raised in Turkey, one of the numerous false statements found in Ergun’s. I wonder if anyone who signed up for the conference even noticed?

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