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Moving the Bookstore: Great Deals to be Had

We are in the process of integrating our bookstore with We have created this list for discounted clearance items that are remaining in our store. For the full listing of products that we now offer in our Amazon store please click this link. Also, if you shop Amazon on a regular basis don’t forget to use the portal and add Alpha and Omega as your preferred charity. 

We Need Your Support at A&O

We don’t spend a lot of time asking for donations. Because of this, many presume that we are “set” or that we are backed by some giant donor or even a group of large churches. The fact is that A&O is supported by regular folks who are blessed by this ministry. If you have been blessed as well we ask that you would consider supporting this work. -Rich Pierce

Offices Closed Until September 19, 2016

James and I will be on the “Apologetics in the Sight of God” Cruise for all of next week. During this time the Alpha and Omega Offices will be closed. Unfortunately, during this time we will not be able to reply to communication or to ship out any orders from the bookstore. We will return on September 19 and will be happy to assist at that time.


Rich Pierce

Wood, Qureshi, Dunn

Started off announcing tomorrow’s show with Jeff Durbin, and playing a few clips reminding folks that yes, in fact, the “meme” over the past few weeks has in fact been, “Hey, those Apologia guys held a beer and tattoo fund raiser, and that’s foolishness.”  Then I moved over to the David Wood response to Seth Dunn regarding Nabeel Qureshi.  I interacted with the video while at the same time illustrating that, yes, believe it or not, Christians can disagree and remain Christians.  Hopefully useful!

Here is the YouTube link: